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The 114th PA Vols, Co. A - Collis' Zouaves

2002 Event Photos

  • Tinted glass plate photo of Maynard replicating the notorious "Big Bad Zouave" pose!
  • 114th PA in the Remembrance Day Parade, 2002!
  • 114th PA at the Sherfy House on Rememberance Day 2002.
  • Britta at the graveside of "French" Marie Tepe Leonard.
  • Our Zouaves in action at Cedar Creek.
  • In action with the 105th PA at Cedar Creek.
  • Sergeant Amend of the 114th PA and Lt. Freeman of the 105th PA dragging Lt. Grenan back to safety.
  • The 114th PA, 54th OH, 9th NY, and 76th PA as the Zouave Company at Antietam.
  • Cpl. Rodriquez and Lt. Grenan at 140th Antietam
  • John, David, and John of the 114th PA's California Company
  • Lt. Grenan leads the remnant of the Zouave Company at 140th Antietam!
  • Aaron Conklin saves his dying brother from the field.
  • The Zouave Company at 140th Antietam.
  • The Zouave Company at 140th Antietam, preparing for drill.
  • The Zouave Company at 140th Antietam, falling in.
  • Pvt. Ryan Conklin at 140th Antietam.
  • "LUNGE!" - Doing bayonet drill at Waynesboro.
  • Group shot after bayonet drill.
  • Aaron Conklin maintaining his Enfield.
  • The 23rd, 105th, and 114th PA lounging between battles.
  • The only campaigners at Waynesboro!
  • "French Mary" at Waynesboro.
  • The 114th PA, Co. A in the Hanover Evening Sun.
  • Tintype of Britta Arendt as Marie Tepe, at 139th Gettysburg.
  • Shaun Grenan and Britta Arendt at Gettysburg.
  • The Zd'A immediately after taking a canister hit at Funkstown.
  • Doing bayonet drill at Funkstown.
  • The Zd'A at the Battle of Funkstown reenactment.
  • The Zd'A in front of Collis' monument, Memorial Day 2002.
  • Sgt. Bob Amend at Ballestone.
  • Pvt. Chris Chernega at Ballestone.
  • Pvt. Aaron Conklin at Ballestone.
  • Pvt. Scott Kubay at Ballestone.
  • A sweet shot of the Conklin brothers in the breastworks.
  • 114th in the breastworks at Ballestone!
  • The 114th PA at Ballestone Manor.
  • Another shot of the 114th PA at Ballestone Manor.
  • Members of the 114th PA, Co. A as photographed by Rob Gibson.
  • The 114th PA after out Feb. drill session.

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