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The 114th PA Vols, Co. A - Collis' Zouaves

2003 Event Photos

  • In the Remembrance Day parade.
  • Tinted glass plate photo of Maynard replicating the notorious "Big Bad Zouave" pose!
  • Zouave Bob at the site where the Zouaves d'Afrique were engaged at the Battle of Antietam.
  • Aaron, Devin, and Ryan pose to have their image struck.
  • The Zouave ranks start to thin out in the Peach Orchard.
  • The 114th PA in line of battle with our colors.
  • The 114th PA relaxing back in our bivouc after the battle.
  • Captain Kalleen on officer's row. Notice anything different about our officer's area as opposed to other units?
  • 114th PA resting during the 5 mile preservation march at 140th Gettysburg.
  • Captain Kalleen and Lt. Grenan taking a break during the 140th Gettysburg preservation march.
  • Capt. Kalleen and 1st Sgt. Zouave Bob during the preservation march.
  • Cpl. Aaron and Devin prepare for the ball at 140th Gettysburg.
  • Pvt. Clay in camp, 140th Gettysburg.
  • Sgt. Eric Hess and Devin tripping the light fantastic.
  • Members of the 114th PA in camp, 140th Gettysburg.
  • 114th PA at the American Civil War Museum.
  • Doing what Zouaves do best -forming a human pyramid!
  • Chris Chernega and Aaron Conklin dueling with bayonets.
  • Chris Chernega clubbing his musket, while Aaron Conklin parries.
  • Matt Smith and Aaron Conklin engage in pugilism.
  • Matt has Aaron down for the count.
  • Mail Call on Sunday morning at the ACW Museum.
  • Corporal Conklin receives a package from home. Unfortunately, pie doesn't travel in the mail well, expecially when packaged with a new pair of knit gloves.
  • Lt. Grenan demonstrates the proper way to dirty someone else's rifle.
  • The 114th PA, 54th OH, and 23rd PA in action at 140th G'burg!
  • The 114th PA and 23rd PA engaging the Rebs at 140th G'burg.
  • The 114th PA protecting the 1st RI Artillery at 140th G'burg, with Clay as Colorbearer and Scott as Colorguard.
  • Corporal Aaron Conklin comes to the rescue of our colors as yet another Colorbearer is shot down.
  • 1st Sergeant Zouave Bob improvises a tourniquet with his turban after being hit whilst carrying the colors.
  • Grass Fire at Pickett's Charge, 140th G'burg.
  • The US Zouave Battalion before the engagement.
  • Shaun Grenan and Jim Abels at 140th Gettysburg.
  • Cpl. Jeff Rodriguez with the battalion ambulance.
  • Unit Photo taken at Battlefield Hike
  • Zouave Bob with our new colors before our battlefield Hike.
  • Group Shot from Funkstown.
  • Eric and Travis at Funkstown.
  • Mike Colosimo and Shaun Grenan on the Gettysburg Battlefield.
  • Shaun, sans Mike, on the Battlefield.
  • Greg Hampton, Colorbearer for the 2003 Memorial Day Parade.
  • 114th PA on Memorial Day, with our Colors.
  • Lt. Grenan showing off the new Colors of the 114th PA.
  • Doing bayonet drill at our company drill, March.
  • Group shot taken on Little Round Top during our annual trek.

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