The 114th PA Vols, Co. A - Collis' Zouaves Events List

2003 Events List

At the Sherfy House, Remembrance Day 2002.

OFFICIAL 2003 Events List


  • 3,4,5Perryopolis, PA – 12 miles of the New Stanton exit Pa turnpike – A great event that is truly unique. Featuring a parade, food vendors, craft booths, live bands all weekend, pig roast on Saturday, meal on Sunday, log cabin for commanders, elaborate earthworks with thrilling and spectacular pyrotechnics planted on and behind the works. The very authentic feeling of actually being in a Civil War earthworks with dirt flying and the concussion pounding you to create a very real effect. (Custom made for artillery units). Infantry assaults both days supported by massive artillery fire. You don’t want to miss this one. $ 5.00 fee Tri-State Reenactors Association Event!


  • 15 Remembrance Day Parade and ceremonies- Gettysburg, PA


  • ? Winter Drill, Encampment, and live fire

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