Zouaves d'Afrique Impression Guidelines

Zouaves d'Afrique Impression Guidelines

  • Headgear - red fez with yellow tassel. Wear your turbans, especially striped ones!
  • Jacket - 114th PA zouave jacket.
  • Trowsers - 114th PA madder red chasseur trousers.
  • Shirt - shirt vest, civilian, or military issue shirt.
  • Sash - Sky-blue wool sash.
  • Leggings - White Canvas with bone buttons, and jambieres with russet leather.

  • Canteen - Philadelphia Depot with gray cover, cloth webbing strap, and cork-and-cord attachment, no chain!.
  • Knapsack - Softpack or Early-War hardpack with tan Emergency Issue Blanket.
  • Cartridge Box - early-war Box with NO STRAP! Box worn on belt.

    No pistols or Bowie knives!

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