The 114th PA Vols, Co. A - Collis' Zouaves

Original 114th PA Photos

Enlisted Men

  • Unknown Private
  • Unknown Private
  • Unknown Private, courtesy Gil Barrett Coll., USMHI.
  • Unidentified Private, courtesy Dick Tibbals Coll., USMHI.
  • Unknown Private, Zd'A
  • Unknown Private, courtesy Michael J. McAfee.
  • Drummer Boy, Co. H
  • Pvt. George Summers
  • Cpl. Kenderdine, Co. F, Color Bearer. Mortally Wounded at Sherfy Farm. Courtesy LOC.
  • Pvt. Matthew Bradley, courtesy Barbara S. Freeman Coll., USMHI.
  • J.Albert Smith and an Unknown Private, Co. D. Thanks to descendant Ted Decker for the ID!
  • Sgt. Henry Smallbrook, Co. H.
  • Postwar GAR photo of Frederick Schaffer of Co B., 114th PA. Thanks to Lydia Kearney for use of this photo of her ancestor.

    Officers, Musicians, and Marie Tepe

  • General H. T. Collis, 1865.
  • Capt. F. A. Elliot, killed at Chancellorsville.
  • Frank Rauscher, Band Leader and author of Unit History
  • Multiple Photos and info on Marie Tepe, the 114th PA's Vivandiere. Yes, it's TEPE, NOT TEBE! And it's pronounced "Tep"!

    Group Photos

  • Reunion of B Company, 114th PA circa 1895. Used with permission of Lydia Kearney, descendant of Frederick Schaffer of Co. B
  • The 114th PA's Band, Petersburg, 1864. Courtesy LOC.
  • Gen. Grant and Staff conferring at Massaponnax Church, VA. The arrows point out members of the 114th PA as HQ Guard. Courtesy LOC.
  • Zouaves Lounging at Massaponnax Church, 1864. Courtesy LOC.
  • Members of the 114th PA at an Army Commissary Depot at Petersburg, 1864.
  • Members of the 114th PA in Winter Quarters, Brandy Station, Va 1864. Courtesy LOC.
  • 114th PA, Co. G at Petersburg, VA in August 1864. Courtesy LOC.
  • 114th PA, Co. H at Petersburg, VA in August 1864. Courtesy LOC.
  • The Famous "Ambulance Drill" photo of the 114th's PA, Co. H Courtesy LOC.
  • Another View of the Ambulance Drill, Co. H. Courtesy MOLLUS.
  • 114th PA, Co. F at Petersburg, VA in August 1864 with fixed bayonets. Courtesy LOC.
  • 114th PA, Co. F at Petersburg, VA in August 1864 posed informally. Courtesy MOLLUS.
  • Winter Camp, Brandy Station. Courtesy MOLLUS.
  • Another View of Winter Camp, Brandy Station. Courtesy MOLLUS.
  • 114th PA Members on Provost Guard Duty. Courtesy LOC.
  • 114th PA Standing Guard Mount. Courtesy LOC.
  • Enlarged Guard Mount Photo. Look at Zouaves in camp in rear of photo!
  • Detail of 114th PA's Band at Guard Mount. Notice the forage caps and no leggings!
  • Members of the 114th PA at Army Headquarters in 1864. Courtesy LOC.
  • Detail of 114th PA Zouaves from HQ Photo. Notice medals on 2 zouaves!
  • Detail of 114th PA Zouave Guarding HQ Tents.
  • Army of the Potomac Repair Shop, 1864. Courtesy LOC.
  • Detail of 114th PA Zouave at Repair Shop. Note height of Zouave!

    114th PA Items and Battlefield Sites

  • Plaque showing location of Zouaves d'Afrique at the Battle of Antietam.
  • Ridge near Joseph Miller's Cornfield where Zouaves d'Afrique were initially engaged at the Battle of Antietam.
  • Plaque showing location where Zouaves d'Afrique were sent in a 2nd time (as reinforcements) at the Battle of Antietam.
  • 114th PA Recruiting Poster!
  • Regimental Colors of the 114th PA
  • "Z.d'A. 114 PV" Boxplate issued to the 114th PA.
  • Wooden Canteen or Keg of a member (Soldier #9) of Company C, 114th PA.
  • Jacket of Corporal John W Dewers, Company B, complete with Regimental Medal. Wounded in right arm at Gettysburg.
  • Medal of John W Dewers, Co. B, 114th PA. Collis Zouaves--114th Penna Vols--Company B---John W Dewers --- 1862
  • 114th PA Reunion Ribbons.
  • Broadside Advertising a "Grand Military Concert" featuring the Zouaves d'Afrique! Note that many of the songs are in French!
  • Court Martial of the Chaplain of the 114th PA.
  • Reunion ribbon from the 114th PA.
  • The Sherfy House.
  • Monument to the 114th PA at Chancellorsville. Thanks to Dave Ward for the Photo!

    114th PA Artwork

  • Battle sketch of members of the Zd'A at the Battle of Winchester. NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A Collis Zouave Sleeps His Last Sleep. Courtesy GAR Musuem, Philadelphia.
  • 114th PA Going into action at the Battle of Fredericksburg, by Karl Röchling Commissioned by Colonel Collis himself.
  • Painting of the Mud March, with a 114th Member in his talma for the painting's Focal Point.
  • Painting of the 114th enagaged with Barksdale's men in the Peach Orchard, by Mort Kunstler.
  • Dan Nance's Painting of the 114th PA at Fredericksburg
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