The 114th PA Vols, Co. A - Collis' Zouaves

Uniform of the 114th PA

JACKET: Dark blue zouave jacket with red trim, piping, and tombueax. Sky blue cuffs with 3 buttons on cuff.(some jackets had 1 button on sky blue of cuff, with 2 buttons on dark blue portion, while other jackets had 2 buttons in sky blue of cuff, with 1 on dark blue) Vents in back with piping looped across.

  • Photo of jacket # 1(at Philadelphia GAR Museum)
  • Detail of collar of jacket # 1
  • Photo of tombeaux of jacket # 2 (at Philadelphia Civil War Museum)
  • Detail of cuff of jacket # 2 Note the soutache forming the trefoil on the cuff.
  • Photo of front of jacket of Pvt. George Murray, Co. B(Jacket # 3, at Chancellorsville National Battlefield, NPS)
  • Photo of back of jacket # 3.
  • Detail of cuff of jacket # 3 Note the cording forming the trefoil on the cuff and the overlap of the sky blue inside the cuff.
  • Photo of front and inside of jacket #4. (Jacket # 4 at Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.)

    VEST: Zouave vest or Zouave Shirt Vest.

    SASH: Sky blue sash. Of 2 sashes examined, one is 24" x 76", and the second sash is 22" x 83"

  • Photo of sash of Pvt. Murray. (Sash # 1: 24" x 76")
  • 2nd view of sash of Pvt. Murray.
  • Photo of sash used as turban, NPS error in exhibit. (Sash #2: 22" x 83")
  • photo of Sash #3. (Sash # 3)

    TROUSERS: Madder-red chasseur trouers with yellow soutache around pockets.

  • Photo of trowsers.
  • Photo of trowsers of Pvt. Murray There is no indication of soutache at all.

    LEGGINGS: Canvas leggings with white bone or glass buttons, and darkened leather jambieres.

  • Photo of leggings of Pvt. Murray.

    HEADWEAR: Scarlet fez with yellow tassel with 2 leads and white flannel turban. Majority of photos of members wearing fez with turban is of turban with medium blue stripes on it.

  • Photo of fez. (Fez #1)
  • Photo of second fez. (Fez #2)
  • Fez of Pvt. Murray. (Fez #3)
  • 114th PA Fez and turban. (Fez #4, and turban #1)

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